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Being prepared and getting prepared are totally two completely and separate things.
Survival training - Teaching people to survive in the wilderness, using essentially Stone Age skills. Such techniques include building shelters from available materials, making fire without matches, locating water, identifying edible plants, manufacturing tools, hunting and trapping animals with primitive devices, and making protective clothing and blankets from skins and fibres. Taught in some secondary schools, colleges, youth groups, and special camps, the programs may also incorporate backpacking, mountain walking, high-altitude camping, and rock climbing.
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Understanding Urban Ecosystems

Written By: Seth Magle 
Originally published in the Britannica Book of the Year. Presented as archival content. 

"Humans routinely encountered wild animals in urban environments, yet some of the more-compelling examples included brushes with larger predators. Alligators, for example, were becoming more common in urban Florida, sometimes attacking people and pets, such as the well-publicized June 2016 incident at a lagoon at Walt Disney World in Orlando that resulted in the death of a small child. In the middle of a spring day in 2007 in Chicago, a coyote (Canis latrans) walked into a Quizno’s sandwich shop. In Portland, Ore., in 2002, another coyote stepped onto a commuter train and lay down on a seat. In California, sightings of mountain lions—such as the famous P-22, a male mountain lion that in 2012 crossed freeways in Los Angeles for a new habitat in Griffith Park—were on the rise. Humans were often completely unprepared for those unexpected confrontations in the hearts of major cities, which seemed at odds with the classic narrative that wildlife belonged in nature areas and remote, faraway places rather than where people lived and worked."
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