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11-year old Naomi Wadler from Alexandria, Virginia, said Naomi Wadler: "People have said that I am too young to have these thoughts on my own. People that have said I'm tool of some nameless adult. It's not true."
At the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, for all the African-American girls who have been left out of the gun violence discussion. Wadler led a walkout at her elementary school to bring attention to the gun violence in schools across the country.

"We are very happy with the results, so far."
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"Arming teachers will not work. Zero tolerance policies do not work. They make us feel like criminals," said California teen Edna Chavez. "We should feel supported and empowered in our schools"
via CBSN
Speaking at the March for Our Lives event in Washington, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez memorializes the victims of the Parkland school shooting and tells demonstrators to fight for their lives so someone else won't have to.
via CNN
Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg gave an impassioned speech during March for Our Lives in Washington.
via CNN
Yolanda Renee King, the granddaughter of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., invoked her grandfather's famous phrase as she spoke to the crowd at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington.
via CNN
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Emma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin, Sarah Chadwick and Nza-Ari Khepra are part of the surge of young activists building a new movement to denounce gun violence and call for safety in all of our communities. And this is why they march.
via Teen Vogue
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…theories of the American psychologist G. Stanley Hall, who argued that the stages of individual growth recapitulated those of social evolution and therefore that the distinctive character and status of childhood must be respected. 
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Top 25 Jobs in STEM 2018 via US News & World Report 

  • Software Developer
 #1 in Best STEM Jobs

Software developers need to be innovative, creative and, of course, technical in order to succeed in this field. They might write new code or fix bugs in code to make it work better. more
253,400 Projected Jobs $100,080 Median Salary 1.6% Unemployment Rate

  • Statistician
 #2 in Best STEM Jobs

Statistics is the science of using data to make decisions. This is relevant in almost all fields of work and there are many opportunities for employment. more
12,400 Projected Jobs $80,500 Median Salary 1.4% Unemployment Rate

  • Actuary
 #3 in Best STEM Jobs

Are you more of a risk calculator than a risk taker? Consider working as an actuary. These professionals are experts in uncertainty, using mathematics, statistics and financial theory to measure, manage and mitigate financial risk. more
5,300 Projected Jobs $100,610 Median Salary 1.4% Unemployment Rat

  • Mathematician
 #4 in Best STEM Jobs

Mathematicians may have careers as varied as mathematics itself, working everywhere from classrooms to government buildings. While some mathematicians work primarily with theory, others use theory to solve everyday problems. more
900 Projected Jobs $105,810 Median Salary 1.4% Unemployment Rate

  • Cost Estimator
 #5 in Best STEM Jobs

From the cost of your cell phone to that of government programs, cost estimators analyze how much products and services should cost. Cost estimators also analyze the current cost of something, in addition to why a product or service costs more or less than previous estimates determined. more
23,000 Projected Jobs $61,790 Median Salary 0.6% Unemployment Rate

  • Information Security Analyst
 #6 in Best STEM Jobs

As concern about cybersecurity grows, so does the demand for information security analysts. It is the duty of these professionals to prepare and carry out security measures that protect a company’s computer networks and systems. more
28,400 Projected Jobs $92,600 Median Salary 3.2% Unemployment Rate

  • Mechanical Engineer
 #7 in Best STEM Jobs

Someone with a mechanical engineering degree has many job options for his or her career path. The skills of a mechanical engineer are needed in many industries and on many types of projects, from vehicle manufacturing to nanotechnology. Mechanical engineers are involved in the production of mechanical instruments and tools from start to finish, and their work includes aspects of design, development and testing. more
25,300 Projected Jobs $84,190 Median Salary 1.1% Unemployment Rate

  • Accountant
 #8 in Best STEM Jobs

Accountants are at your service during tax season and beyond, preparing taxes, performing audits and offering consulting. more
140,300 Projected Jobs $68,150 Median Salary 2.5% Unemployment Rate

  • Civil Engineer
 #9 in Best STEM Jobs

From the street in front of your home to the Golden Gate Bridge, civil engineers are responsible for the design and maintenance of public works and facilities. Civil engineers are involved from start to finish in the process of constructing buildings, bridges and roads. more
32,100 Projected Jobs $83,540 Median Salary 1.5% Unemployment Rate

  • IT Manager
 #10 in Best STEM Jobs

Our increasingly digital workplace demands more IT managers, who coordinate computer-related activities for an organization. Duties include analyzing and recommending computer needs, installing and maintaining computer hardware and software, securing an office’s network and electronic documents and searching for new technologies and upgrade opportunities. more
43,800 Projected Jobs $135,800 Median Salary 2.7% Unemployment Rate

  • Computer Systems Analyst
 #11 in Best STEM Jobs

Computer systems analysts must have a diverse skill set. The position requires information technology and business knowledge. These analysts custom design computer systems and processes for clients. more
53,000 Projected Jobs $87,220 Median Salary 2.6% Unemployment Rate

  • Computer Network Architect
 #12 in Best STEM Jobs

If you've ever saved something to the cloud, then you've depended on the handiwork of a computer network architect. These professionals design, build and maintain a variety of data communication networks, from expansive cloud infrastructures to smaller intranets. more
10,400 Projected Jobs $101,210 Median Salary 1.1% Unemployment Rate

  • Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist
 #13 in Best STEM Jobs

Epidemiologists work in hospitals, laboratories and universities to identify the causes of diseases and prevent said diseases from spreading and recurring. more
500 Projected Jobs $70,820 Median Salary 0.4% Unemployment Rate

  • Computer Systems Administrator
 #14 in Best STEM Jobs

Computer systems administrators perform duties ranging from identifying and fixing network issues to updating equipment and software. more
23,900 Projected Jobs $79,700 Median Salary 1.4% Unemployment Rate

  • Psychologist
 #15 in Best STEM Jobs

Psychologists study our behavior and how our brains function, and can help patients work through emotional, behavioral and psychological issues, as well as diagnose disorders. more
1,600 Projected Jobs $95,710 Median Salary 1.8% Unemployment Rate

  • Database Administrator
 #16 in Best STEM Jobs

While the pronunciation of the word “data” always seems to be up for debate, the importance of protecting said data is not. Database administrators set up databases according to a company’s requirements, in addition to maintaining its operations and implementing the appropriate security measures. more
13,700 Projected Jobs $84,950 Median Salary 3.1% Unemployment Rate

  • Cartographer
 #17 in Best STEM Jobs

A modern road trip may not include nearly as many paper maps as it used to, but cartographers, who are map artists in a sense, are still in demand as online maps and GPS technologies continue to change and develop. more
2,400 Projected Jobs $62,750 Median Salary 3.7% Unemployment Rate

  • Financial Analyst
 #18 in Best STEM Jobs

Buy? Sell? It’s a financial analyst’s job to recommend what clients should do with their investments, in addition to compiling reports that explain their investment analyses. more
32,100 Projected Jobs $81,760 Median Salary 2.1% Unemployment Rate

  • Web Developer
 #19 in Best STEM Jobs

Web developers use code to create everything you see on your favorite websites, from the special effects to the search functionality. more
21,300 Projected Jobs $66,130 Median Salary 5.2% Unemployment Rate

  • Computer Support Specialist
 #20 in Best STEM Jobs

A computer support specialist’s job is a combination of customer service and troubleshooting. These specialists help computer owners and users troubleshoot and fix problems. more
87,100 Projected Jobs $52,160 Median Salary 3.3% Unemployment Rate

  • Industrial Psychologist
 #21 in Best STEM Jobs

Industrial psychologists aim to find solutions for organizations after evaluating the problems the organization faces. These professionals typically run their own small businesses and work for consulting firms, corporations, hospitals and the government. more
100 Projected Jobs $82,760 Median Salary 1.8% Unemployment Rate

  • Petroleum Engineer
 #22 in Best STEM Jobs

Petroleum engineers design equipment that extracts oil from reservoirs, which are deep pockets of rock that contain oil and gas deposits. They spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data to extract the oil in the safest and most cost-effective ways possible. more
4,900 Projected Jobs $128,230 Median Salary 5.9% Unemployment Rate

  • Biochemist
 #23 in Best STEM Jobs

Biochemists apply scientific knowledge to a variety of positions, including medicinal research and work with genetically modified organisms. more
3,600 Projected Jobs $82,180 Median Salary 2.8% Unemployment Rate

  • Anthropologist
 #24 in Best STEM Jobs

Anthropologists believe in applying their knowledge of humans of the past and present to practical positions such as consultants, researchers or government workers to help solve global issues. more
300 Projected Jobs $63,190 Median Salary 2.4% Unemployment Rate

  • Architect
 #25 in Best STEM Jobs

An architect is involved in every step of a building’s design and construction, from the foundation up. more
5,100 Projected Jobs $76,930 Median Salary 1.9% Unemployment Rate

  • The 100 Best Jobs
 #1 Software Developer
 #2 Dentist
 #3 Physician Assistant
 #4 Nurse Practitioner
 #5 Orthodontist

  • Best Jobs by Industry
Health Care
Social Services
Health Care Support
Sales and Marketing

  • Most Popular Jobs
Physician Assistant
Physical Therapist
Software Developer
Registered Nurse
Esthetician and Skincare Specialist
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Thirteen British colonies on the east coast of North America issued a Declaration of Independence in 1776

Chile, one of several Spanish colonies in South America, issued a Declaration of independence in 1818
Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is the status of a dependent territory.

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1Definition of independence
1.1Distinction between independence and autonomy
2Declarations of independence
3Historical overview
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Definition of independence
Whether the attainment of independence is different from revolution has long been contested, and has often been debated over the question of violence as legitimate means to achieving sovereignty. While some revolutions seek and achieve national independence, others aim only to redistribute power with or without an element of emancipation, such as in democratization within a state, which as such may remain unaltered. The Haitian Revolution, for example, began as a colony-wide slave uprising that was originally content with the pro-abolitionist French Republic, only to turn into a war of independence when Napoleon tried to re-install slavery. In contrast, the American Revolutionary War was intended to achieve independence from the beginning. Causes for a country or province wishing to seek independence are many, but most can be summed up as a feeling of inequality compared to the dominant power. The means can extend from peaceful demonstrations, like in the case of India, to a violent war like in the case of Algeria.
Micromanagement (gameplay)
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Micromanagement in gaming is the handling of detailed gameplay elements by the player. It appears in a wide range of games and genres, including strategy video games, construction and management simulations, and pet-raising simulations. Micromanagement has been perceived in different ways by game designers and players for many years: some perceive it as a useful addition to games that adds options and technique to the gameplay, something that is necessary if the game is to support top-level competitions; some enjoy opportunities to use tactical skill in strategic games; others regard it as an unwelcomed distraction from higher levels of strategic thinking and dislike having to do a lot of detailed work. Some developers attempt to minimize micromanagement in a game's interface for this reason.

The Contents of this article includes: 
2Versus macromanagement
4Twitch vs trick
7In popular culture
8See also